FAQ questions answered


What exactly is Mead?

Mead is a mixture of water and honey that is allowed to ferment into an alcoholic beverage. That’s the simplest explanation. Mead is its own class of beverage because we have to take the honey from the bees first. Only after that happens can we craft our beverage. Honey is still harvested by hand even in this day and age—which is part of the reason why honey, and therefore mead, is so expensive.

Honey and water aren’t the only things that can go into mead. As the oldest known alcoholic beverage, mead has existed in various forms with cultural influences informing it’s creation for about 10,000 years. One can only imagine some of the unique recipes that may have been popular long before most of us ever heard the word mead!

We like to make mead that suits our modern palates and serve it on draft, like a strong craft beer or cider. We’re extremely lucky to live in an agricultural area like Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Most of the meads we make have interesting spice or fruit flavors as part of the recipe, and we rotate those flavors seasonally as certain things become available to us locally.

Where can I park?

Ample free parking is available at the REO Manheim Marketplace lot. Entrances to this lot are located just south of Artifice Ales & Mead with entrances from Main Street and Wolf Street. Should this lot be full, there is also a free municipal lot on Wolf Street at the intersection of East High Street that is a very short walk away from Artifice.


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  • Free, ample parking is available via the REO Manheim Marketplace parking lot.